Welcome to the home of trile!

It is a life-style and it is what it is to defeat your foes and bring anguish or anger, that visceral feeling when you do so is the result of trile.

Dedication to trile can and will bring you happiness and serenity and most of all, the defeat of all your foes.

Triling is easy, watch as I do it right before own eyes: Is your refrigerator running? You might say “Yes, it is running”.

You’ve now realized what has happened haven’t you?

Your refrigerator is currently 52 meters (170.604 feet) away from your location and is moving further and further away as you sit in front of your screen at awe in how I have triled you.

This is only the beginning. There is much more to learn about trile than you might think, it would take a thousand years to understand it all. You must only blindly accept trile

for now, but trust me; the reward at the end will be grand.